Small Songs

by Misko Czerkas



Raw and authentic, small songs sounds like what would happen if Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen met Mark Lanegan at in a bar at the edge of the world.

“Sometimes you have to travel a long way to find yourself.”

This album was made to square circles and recorded to document a space in time. Its a small piece of art in the vast canvas of everything.
I wanted to make an album of contrasts, some songs just me and the guitar some songs me and the band. I wanted to keep space in the music then other times really smash it. It’s a document of one man’s way of expressing his dealings with the world. At times in life it gets loud.
I travelled from the UK to Mostar to record the album, a place itself of contrasts. The great musicians who played on the album made the sounds that captured the feeling of the songs in a way that was true and raw. I salute them.The final track on Small Songs is Mostar and is based on a true story, it is a tribute to the place and the people. Hvala Vam.


releases April 28, 2017

All songs M.Czerkas
Goran Rebac Drums 1,2,4,7
Mustafa Santic Clarinet 8,9
Atilla Aksoj Bass 1,2,4,7
Bojan Ahac Hammond organ 5

Produced by Atilla Aksoj
Recorded and mixed by Atilla Aksoj
At Baraka studio Mostar B&H.
A Near Field Recording
Cover art picture Miki Olabarri Powell
For Cherry

This album is dedicated to Vladimir Gajic 1971-2015



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