In the Moon Drops

by Moraitika



The Moraitika released the new album In the Moon Drops. The second album by the ambient music trio from Novi Sad guarantees precious experience and an inevitable pleasure of their listeners. Based primarily on the singer Nera Beljanski’s inspiration as both an author and a performer, as well as on an exquisite instrumental contribution by the bass guitar player Vladimir Samardžić and a percussionist Siniša Balog, Moraitika’s new songs present a ticket to an exciting journey into the mystical expanses. They stand as an invitation to the discovery of incredible worlds, as well as offering a possibility of daydreaming and meditation. Nera’s fairy-like voice, delicate and powerful at the same time, is one of the strongest musical arguments of Moraitika. The professional competence and the performing skills of the band’s members, their tranquil and natural disposition, the openness of their floating music form, the richness of their unison, their high-quality production, and most importantly, the high quality of the songs themselves, are more than enough of a reason to let yourselves become immersed in the magic of the album In the Moon Drops.

Nera Beljanski, on the album:
“Trio Moraitika consists of Vladimir Samardžić (bass guitar), Siniša Balog (percussions and accordion), and myself (piano and vocals, sometimes enriched by the use of the sea shells). In this band, we have been creating and performing for the last two years. We started after the release of the first album of Moraitika.

The studio recording of the new album was conducted in May, 2015, in collaboration with the producer Peđa Pejić. The sound of our trio was enhanced by Nenad Vještica (sitar) and Đorđe Kovačev (electric guitar). They have equally participated in the arrangement of the overall sound.

The first composition on the album actually opens The Gates of the Sea, following up on “the scent of salt” from the first album. In this manner, the journey through the mysterious, fairytale landscapes suggested by the picturesque titles of the songs continues. The melodies which are mostly flamboyant and melismatic, are sang with the use of a specially “composed” language, through which this albums is connected to the previous one. At times, a dream-like “byzantine blues” can be heard and it all becomes immersed in the drops of jazz.

The invitation to the journey stands. Welcome!


released October 16, 2015



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